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About The Company

K.D.Iron and Steel Co. was incorporated on 1st September 2008, under the leadership of Mr.Dilip Kr.Goenka, (A chemical engineer by education and serial entrepreneur). The unit is situated at a place called Maranjana, 40 Kms away from Guwahati City. K D Iron & Steel Co. has become the largest steel manufacturing unit in North-Eastern India. It has got a wide network of dealer. Spread all across the North-Eastern India.

Comprehensive Infrastructure

High speed Rolling Mill from 6mm to 32mm TMT ,6 stand Block Mill from 5.5mm to 16 mm Coil , 10 stand wire drawing plant from 12 mm to 24 mm guage and 1’’ to 6’’ Nail making fully automatic unit. Also have Billet  manufacturing capacity of more than 1,00,000 unit p.a. with state of art automatic bundling and bending machine with capacity of more than 1,00,000 MT/year

XTECH: A Growing Range of First Class Steel Products

Product Mix

K.D.Iron & Steel  Co.  offers the widest range of construction steel. Its range of TMT Re-bars suffices the rarest need of a Civil engineer. The Products offered are:

Message From Chairman

Recently Seismic activities are being reported in all over the world and more so in Himalayan regions and its adjacent areas. Many major and minor earthquakes have occurred in just last couple of years, causing severe damage to life and property in affected areas. India is more prone to devastating consequences as many of its populous cities including capital city Guwahati comes under high seismic zone. To ward off any large-scale disaster every agency is suggesting opting for earthquake resistant buildings in these areas.

The TMT re-bar is one of the core components of the construction of the construction materials and a crucial factor in ensuring strength and longevity of a building. It is actually the backbone of a construction. Thus, all the major India TMT manufacturers are working towards addressing the need of a TMT product suitable for the construction under high seismic zones.

KD IRON & STEEL CO.’s latest product STEEL TMT RE BAR comes up with a promise to safer construction as it reveal superior seismic resistance properties during stimulated earthquake conditions.” Said DILIP GOENKA Director of K D Iron & Steel Co. Elaborating on it he added, “X TECH Fe 500+ is India’s first and the only product in its class featuring double ribs, double strength and double safety and aptly being hailed as a TMT bar with DO KA DUM meaning one TMT bar having the strength of two. It provides the strongest bond through its unique double-rib pattern and permits 254% more concrete grip resulting much stronger construction.’’

Presently, KD IRON & STEEL CO is the first and only unit in North-eastern India which is manufacturing TMT REBARS in DIRECT ROLLING from Continuous casting machine. By this process the original material’s chemical and physical composition remains the same and also the TMT Re bars ductility improves. As a result of this, XTECH TMT RE BARS provides better quality than any other TMT bars available in this region.

High-rises,  flyovers, bridges, highways, metro rail, mono rail and many such new age constructions are shaping up the landscape of modern and progressing India. These premium infrastructural projects need premium construction materials with eventualities and X-TECH FE500+ is reportedly the timely and apt answer to the present need of modern construction.

Dilip Goenka


Billets:- IS 2830

Re-bars:- Thermo Mechanically Treated ( TMT)

Re-Inforcement Bars as per IS 1786:2008, Fe 500/500D,   Re-bars.

Wire Rod / Coil:-

Round:- Mild steel as per IS 2062:2006

Black Wire:- IS 7887 GR3 & GR5:1992



Manufacturing Process at Integrated Steel Plant

At K.D.Iron & steel Co. Billet is produced through the -EIF (Electric Induction Furnace) Route. Billets thus produced are rolled into TMT Re-bars of various Sizes and of high grade Coil.

Sponge iron is melted in the Electric Induction Furnace mixed with Pig Iron. Refining and de-slagging ensures removal of impurities like Sulphur and Phosphorous there by giving clean steel for casting to billets.

Molten steel is then casted to billets of desired lengths.

The capacity of Furnace

TMT Re-bars are hot rolled from the billets and subjected to thermo – mechanical treatment in three successive stages :-

  • Quenching
  • Self Tempering
  • Atmospheric cooling

This integrated process ensures consistent quality in steel manufacturing there by resulting in better quality TMT rebars.

The group manufactures billets, rolled products, TMT bars, wire rod, black wire & nail especially for construction. Steel bars and rods including wire rods constitute a predominantly major portion of the long products segments.

Earthquake Resistant Properties

X-Tech TMT bars have been proven to have higher resistance to cyclic loading conditions and are recnnended in the earthquake prone areas due to their surperior seismic resistant properties. X-Tech TMT bars meet international specifications for the UTS/YS ration there by providing them with high strength and high ductility. High UTS/YS ratio and more percentage elongation signify that the steel is capable to strain harder, in the event of an earthquake due to high elongation and flexibility above 18%.

Superior Weldability: Low Levels Of Carbon

Low level of carbon ensure easier and faster welding without preheating. This means stronger and safer weld joints & reduction in wastage during welding at site.

Excellent Bonding With Cement: Uniform And X Ribed Pattern

X-Tech tmt bar have precise, uniform and cross rib pattern engraved through computer controlled notch makingmachines, resulting in excellent bond strength with concrete. cross ribs on X-Tech TMT bars are produced by a high-speed finishing multiroll stand which is an ultra heavy-duty stand using Tungsten Carbide ring that impart close dimensional tolerance with superior surface finish.

Excellent Bendability : Turboquench Technology

Due to the highly controlled process that ensures a microstructure with a soft (Ferrite and Pearilte) core, X-Tech TMT bars have excellent bendability (with intact high strength) facilitating easy bending,making work easier and faster at the construction sites.

Corrosion Resistance

Steel in concrete is usually in a non-corroding, passive condition. However, when corrosive elements like chloride from the sea water, soil salinity or carbon, nitrogen oxide from atmospheric pollution enters concrete, they disrupt the passive layer protecting the steel, causing rust and leading to a loss of bond between the steel and the concrete. The parallel rib pattern in x-tech TMT rebars created in the final finishing stand eliminates the chance of torsion residual stress. This coupled with low carbon content leads to superior corrosion resistant properties as compared to the ordinary rebars.

Greater Resistance To Fire

The quenching and the self-tempering treatment at the temperature of approximately 6700 C results in a consistent and thick layer of tempered Martensitic-ring on the outer surface of the rebar imparting higher capacity to retain strength at elevated temperatures.

Integrated quality Assurance System

KD Iron & Steel co’s Tata’s research partner EIF plant enables total control over chemical composition. This is complemented by complete automation of unit which ensures consistency in the quenching system. It has documented procedures for inspection and testing of all incoming raw- material and finished products in its in-house metallurgical, chemical and physical test laboratories equipped with sophisticated inspection and test equipment like Universal Testing Machine, Spectrometer, microscope and other advanced facilities manned by a team of qualified and experienced professionals.

The Total quality Management system is approved by URS Certification & Constution monitoring Continuous R & D inha

Chemical & Mechanical Properties Of Our Rebars

The rebars are delivered in standard length of 12m bundles ensuring ease in transportations.

* Available upon prior agreement before ordering

Govt. Sector

Private Sector

Our Presence

“Give our commitment to the overall development of North-East, infrastructure is our top priority. XTech TMT Bars bring forth a global technology and distinctive high quality attributes to the real estate sector in the region; albeit at a tremendous value for money. We see the brand as a natural leader in the next 2 years and a catalyst for growth.”